I provide comprehensive support that enhances the efficiency and productivity of law firms, allowing you to focus on your core legal work.

Sip on hot chocolate and leave the stress behind!

Feeling like you can't catch a break? 

I understand the constant demands of running a business, where time always seems to slip away. You don't have to tackle it all on your own. As your virtual assistant, I can be your trusted partner.

You'll have to get your own hot chocolates, but with my expertise and attention to detail, you can focus on savoring your hot chocolate while I handle the rest.

Meet your virtual assistant

Jenny Anderson

Hi, I'm Jenny Anderson, your dedicated virtual assistant, reliable support system and qualified Legal Executive.  With a passion for helping solo practitioners and small law firms succeed, I bring expertise and a personal touch to every interaction.

With years of legal industry experience, I provide top-notch administrative support.  From bookkeeping and admin services to organising documents, I ensure tasks are handled efficiently, freeing you to focus on serving clients.

Beyond my role as a virtual assistant; I am an avid kayak fisherwoman, proud aunty and active committee member for my hockey club (Club President).  This unique blend of competence and personal interests brings a refreshing perspective to my work. 

You can count on me to manage your administrative needs while you enjoy quality time with loved ones and pursuing your passions.

"Delegate, because you can't do everything yourself and stay sane." 

- Marelisa Fábrega

Curious about the incredible benefits of virtual assistance? Let's discover together!

Through a Zoom or in person meeting, we'll delve into your specific needs, budget, and compatibility, ensuring we're a perfect match.

Once we've agreed on the tasks to delegate, we'll establish seamless communication channels, set timelines, and prioritise the safety and security of your information.

Before you know it, I will be working remotely to provide unwavering support for your business!

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