I provide comprehensive support that enhances the efficiency and productivity of law firms, allowing you to focus on your core legal work.

Simplify Your Workload, Elevate Your Business

Tailored services for your law practice.  Admin support to bookkeeping, I empower your success.  Focus on what matters as I handle the rest, ensuring smooth operations and client satisfaction.

How It Works:  Understand your needs, goals and challenges.  Seamlessly integrate, provide solutions and streamline communication.  Together, we'll maximise efficiency and growth.

What Pink Diamond VA can do for you?

With a range of services tailored specifically for you, I can cover all your bookkeeping, admin and business needs.

General Account

  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Reconciling

  • Receipt management

  • Billing & Invoicing

  • Payroll

  • Tracking payments and following up on overdue accounts

  • Cashflow management

  • Monthly Management Reports

  • GST Return

Email Management

  • Sorting and prioritising emails

  • Responding to routine inquiries

  • Flagging important emails for follow-up

Document Management

  • Preparing and formatting legal documents

  • Filing and organising electronic and physical documents

  • Creating and maintaining document templates

Case Management

  • Tracking case deadlines and milestones

  • Organising case files

  • Coordinating with clients

Transcription Services

  • Transcribing dictations or recorded meetings

  • Proofreading

Data Entry

  • Entering information into databases or case management systems

  • Updating client records

Trust Account

  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly reconciling

  • Receipt management

  • Monthly Management Reports

  • Monthly Report for NZLS

Calendar Management

  • Scheduling and confirming appointments

  • Sending reminders for upcoming meetings and deadlines

  • Coordinating with clients and other parties to arrange meetings

Client Communication

  • Answering and directing phone calls

  • Managing client intake and follow-up

  • Sending newsletters or updates to clients

Marketing Support

  • Managing social media accounts

  • Updating the firm's website or blog

  • Creating marketing materials such as brochures and newsletters

Travel Arrangements

  • Booking flights and accommodation

  • Creating itineraries

  • Managing travel reimbursements

Technology Support

  • Assisting with the setup of new software or tools

  • Troubleshooting basic technical issues

  • Managing virtual meeting platforms (eg. Zoom, Microsoft Teams)

Something not on the list?

If you require assistance with something that I have not mentioned, please get in contact as I would love to discuss your specific needs.

Martian Pink

Starter package!
(5-10 hours per month)

Get the essential support you need to manage your administrative tasks efficiently.  This package includes 5-10 hours of dedicated assistance, ideal for solo practitioners who need a little extra help to stay organised and focused on their legal work.

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Pink Sunrise

Most popular package!
(25 hours per month)

Streamline your operations with 25 hours of comprehensive support, this package is perfect for solo practitioners and small law firms looking to significantly reduce their administrative workload and maximise productivity.

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Pink Star

The complete package!
(40 hours per month)

Experience unparalleled support with 40 hours of dedicated assistance.  This package is designed for busy  solo practitioners and small law firms that require extensive help to manage their administrative tasks, allowing them to concentrate fully on their clients and casework.

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"Outsourcing gives you the freedom to work on your business instead of in your business." - Unknown

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